Quantum Code Scam Review – Michael Crawford is Fake Too!

Quantum code is amongst one of the most frequently discussed Binary Options Trading software all over the trading world. Well, not for its excellent service and return on investment but because of the fact, it is one of the biggest SCAM programs in the world.

Yes, you have heard it right. Well if you thought Quantum code is a legit Binary Options Trading company then you are really mistaken.

Why am I saying it is s scam? Well, let me explain you today how this binary scam company works so hard to take the money out of the investors pocket and into their pocket. And who proves more of a better example then Quantum Code. Let’s get down with our in-depth review.

Website: the-quantumcode.com

About Quantum Code in a Glimp:

It is very essential to know about their services before passing any comment about their company. As you visit their website, you will find a video playing automatically by itself in the homepage. The video is nothing else but it’s all about Quantum Code. In the video a man named Michael Crawford call himself as the founder and CEO of Quantum Code.

quantum code scam review
According to him, Quantum code is good binary options trading software which is designed by him for winning every trade. Here, his software will scan and analyze all the market, after that the software will locate the trades placed by expert traders whose winning streak is constant somehow.

What makes the Quantum Code as Scam?

There are many valid reasons behind calling quantum as a scam. Some of the reason can be justified in the following ways—

1). The Man Behind it All:

When you watch the promotional video in Quantum code, you will find a man who said that he is the CEO of Quantum code is also found promoting other binary trading software, i.e., in Terran Capital. Terran capital is also a scam; now we can generally think that why he is promoting other binary trading software despite of having his own company to promote.

fake man behind quantum code

Well, this clearly proves that either he is running two scam website or else he is just a paid actor who promotes other services or product with a given written script. Such activities never happen in a legit company only scammer like to do such thing.

2). The One Who Never Comes Infront of The Camera:

The CEO of Quantum code named Michael Crawford said that he is the guy who got featured in Forbes and other famous financial magazine. When you check his name in other financial magazines like Forbes magazine, then you will find one article written about Michael B Crawford, but this is not the Michael Crawford of Quantum code software.

The person named Michael B Crawford who got featured in Forbes magazine was not CEO of binary trading software. He works as an editor in New York times; this clearly proves us that there isn’t any connection between him and binary options trading.

3). Believe it 100% Legit and No Loss – Well Just the Opposite:

There isn’t any software yet that can predict future market situation. Only a person who has the super power, i.e., who knows magic can predict what’s going to happen in future, and I guess such thing doesn’t even exist. Here Michael Crawford claimed that his software has the ability to give 100% success rate without any risk.

Business is all about taking risks, in any kind of business, there is certain risk which every businessman has to face. How can Michael Crawford say that his software is risk-free software? The answer is nothing but only a scammer dare to tell such kind of unbelievable statement.

4). Quantum Code is a Reputed Scam Company:

As you watch their promotional video, you will find that Michael Crawford said that their trading software is linked with some of the reputed companies like VeriSign, Symantec, Geo-Trust, McAfee Secure and SSL.com.

quantum code scam

But the truth is that, when you check the official website of the above-reputed companies, you won’t find a single word about Quantum code software. This is one of the evidence that shows Quantum Code company is nothing but a scam website.

5). Quantum Code Made Many Millionaires But None of them Actually Exists:

Michael Crawford in his sales video talks about people who have made millions of money through their software and until today around 200 people have become a millionaire with the help of their software. So, when I start searching in Google for those individuals who made millionaire through Quantum Code software, then I found no record of it. You can do the research if you still have doubt.

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6). My Fav Scam Line So Far- NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED:

Michael Crawford in the promotional video says clearly that the trader doesn’t require to invest money for starting the trading. But when you eventually start signing up, you will find out that you actually need to pay around $250 for opening a broker account.

What else can you say about the company? Is it the video is lying or the website has some problem? The truth is that there is no such kind of thing, and it is totally fake software.

7). $10,000 IN A DAY- Scammers Best Offer:

This is the hilarious speech given by Michael Crawford; he clearly said that his software could help every user to get $10,000 in a single day and a whopping sum of $1,892, 460 per month. This is foolish to believe. There are no legit binary options trading companies that could offer  $10,000 continuously without any loss.quantum code confirmed scam

Well, all of the above 7 points makes the so-called Quantum Code software as fake software, and everything that Michael Crawford said in the video is nothing but lie to fool innocent trader.

My Last Words for the Review:

Quantum Code software is basically a new cheap trick set up for trapping new trader or people who are looking for online business and job. Here the owner of this software tries to lure people by showing them many fake promises and unbelievable richness and so on.

Apart from that, the official website of this company doesn’t have sufficient information for other people to read as if they are trying to hide their identity.

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