Freedom Circle Review – SCAM or Legit? Truth Revealed!

The Freedom Circle is a Binary Options trading software that can generate plenty of profits in every minute, according to the claims made on the official website of the software. Whether the claims made by the software developers are true, or they are just luring people, the truth is yet to be revealed. However, at the very first look of the website, our scam hunter team is pretty much sure that this is a common scam software.

We will be explaining all the fishy factors that indicate the dark side of Freedom Circle. Also, we will be proving some strong photo evidence to support our claims. You are suggested to read our full honest review on Freedom Circle and use your own sense to understand the facts before to make any decision.

Freedom Circle Trading Software Review – Is This Scam or Trustworthy?

According to the result extracted out by our Team, the Freedom Circle is just a scam website. The system is just a cheap website built with some fabricated elements intending to lure and misguide the viewers and steal user’s money. The software claims to help their users to earn $5,000 per day, which is a huge amount of money. The alleged founder and CEO of the system is named as Kyle Stanford. However, there is not  even a glance we could have

However, there is not even a glance we could have of the CEO of Freedom Circle during the entire video presentation. Only a simple rounded photo of alleged CEO is sited on the website. So, have decided to start our task of “Exposing the Truth” from the Founder or CEO himself.


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Who is Kyle Stanford?

According to the info shared on the website, Kyle Stanford is the CEO of the Freedom Circle. We seriously doubt about this man’s existence. As we could not find anyone claiming to be CEO with blood and bone during the whole promo video, there is no way that this man is any paid actor from Fiverr like many other. So, we can’t be sure if the man is whether a paid actor or not.


However, we have done a simple trick to find the truth behind. We tried searching the image of CEO as seen on the website. We took the image from the site without any link, later dragged and dropped the image into the Google Images search box. And, Boom! There you go.


As you can see in the above screenshot, the face shown as the founder and CEO on the website of Freedom Circle is no one of that name Kyle Stanford. The image was of a stock model taken from another website called The person in the image is not Kyle Stanford, neither the man has got anything to do with the freedom Circle system. It’s hilarious, an individual who owns a million dollar system can’t be seen on his own website? And, he ended up using a stock photo to promote his money making machine? This single factor is just enough to prove that the entire Freedom Circle system is a scam.

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Earning 5,000 Dollars a Day? What Am I Thinking!

Oh yes, this one is worth mentioning as we are dealing with the filthy scammers. If you are intending to make a successful career in the Binary Options Trading platform, you must know the basic facts first of all. One of the facts is that there is no instant million dollar, not even thousand. Even if you are a highly experienced trader using a highly advanced automated trading software, you could hardly generate a thousand dollar in a day. So, if anyone is claiming of $5,000 earning per day, he must be not aware of these basic Binary Options trading facts or might be fooling you around. In short, $5,000 per day earning profit claimed by the Freedom Circle is just a lie and the system itself a fake.

Limited Offer Never Ends!

This feature has just gave a complete image to this scam software. The never  ending limited offer. Only the cheapest scammers dare to do this one. The characteristics of this scam trick is that, it will show you that your time is draining out just in few minutes as soon as you access to the website. It meant  be showing that the offer will be gone once the expiry time is over, and you will be no more able to sign up to the system or grab the opportunity after that.


Indeed, anyone would be getting hurry to register before the time expires. But, the reality is just opposite of what it shows. Have patience and wait till the offer expires, and then try signing up for the system. Hilariously, you are still allowed to register to the system. Actually, there was not such limited offer, neither the offer is genuine, nor  you are going to make any dime from this system. This kind of trick is created to convince the viewers for registration before they change their mind.


User Compliments of Social Sites

There is different kind of user testimonial seen in the Freedom Circle Website. The scammers behind the system tried to prove that their system is legitimate with some genuine looking social media images. They are showing that user from around the world are using their software and providing positive feedbacks over the social sites like Facebook and Twitter.


We have picked some of the user profile to analyze from the Facebook and Twitter screenshots provided on the Freedom Circle website. From the Twitter screenshot, we picked Lee Romek (Twitter ID: @leeromek). We have searched the profile ID in Twitter. Look what we have found!


The real screenshot of Twitter we have provided above proves that the twitter ID @leeromek does not even exist. We have tried searching the other IDs too, and the result was as expected. The Facebook profiles shown on the website are also fabricated ones. So, there is no way to trust this software called Freedom Circle.

Final Words! This is an 110% Scam Software!

If you analyze the facts e have discussed in this review article, you don’t even need to watch their promo video. The promo video itself a true sign of a scam. It has nothing acceptable in it. Some of the useless elements are combined with robotic voice and being shown by the sideshow. They can’t effort to make a professional video presentation, yet they are talking about millions. How ridiculous.


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