Cambridge Method Scam Review – Stay Away!!

In this article, you will read about a review of recently launched binary options named as Cambridge Method. Undoubtedly Cambridge Method is confirmed scam. Binary Options is one of the most profitable way to earn money but the worst thing about this binary options is that every day it has new owner and founder.

Throughout the review, you will read about lots of fake claims made by a fake owner whose today named as Jake Orton. We have reviewed lots of binary options in past but never checked similar to the one about which you’re going to read in this article.

So without any delay, why don’t you start reading about the fake claims and reasons due to which we’re calling Cambridge Method a SCAM.

Fake Claims about Cambridge Method

  • This trading software provides you winning rate of 97.56. Do you think it is possible?
  • You will make thousands of dollars in just one month, and if the system fails to make this much profit for you, then Jake Orton will pay you $10,000 cash as a refund.
  • 24/7 Customer Care Support. One of the biggest fake claim.
  • All the members of Cambridge are paid actors and their claims of making money are fake.

These are just fake claims, even there are lots of things which we observed while doing an in-depth research on Cambridge method. Why don’t you read about all of them:

Proofs against Cambridge Method Scam

Well we want you to stay away from this scam and we are listing reasons for it. So that you can take right decision.

Who is Owner James Hockton or Jake Orton?

We’re tracking Cambridge method from last two three days but still we’re not not able to figure out who is owner of this trading software. Yesterday, when we’re checking official site, we come to know that this trading software is created by James Hockton with all the information about him.

And today, when we again visted the website to cover our this review, we got shocked to see that the pitch video and picture of the owner was replaced with new one. And now owner of Cambridge Method is Jake Orton. After researching for a while, we got to know that old owner of this system James Hockton was a paid actor and it was exposed in public so most probably developer of owner of Cambridge Method had decided to change pitch video. It raised a big red flag for Cambridge Method and we decided to investigate this system further.

Fake Promises of Huge Bonus

huge bonus

Another common thing among most of the binary options scams is that they claims to provide you huge amount as bonus just to lure most of rookie binary options traders. But NEVER EVER fall for this prey guys. All what they asks you for initial deposit of 250$ which they will eat next moment. Moreover, the bonus which you will see in your account was never yours. You can never redeem that amount to your account actually. Moreover, they will ask you to trade more to redeem that amount. In short, they try to take maximum amount of money which they can get from you. Same case is with Cambridge Method scam. They claims to provide you bonus of 10,000$ but it’s just a technique to lure traders.

Fabricated Testimonials

Fake testimonials is again used by almost every scam. Moreover, the thing is they can never get real testimonials as their systems are just shit which does not work at all. So, what most of the scams do is they just use fake testimonials on their sales page by gathering some images over web which looks a bit professional. We had tried to do reverse image search of image of one of testimonial of this fake system & see what we’ve found.

stock photo

First testimonial which is named as Alexandra White image is just a stock image which is taken from Moreover, it’s not just about fake testimonial only. They have also used many scammy things which raises a big red flag against them.

Rush Sale Techniques

rush sale

Again one of the most common things among scams. When you will visit their website, there it will show that only 7 spots are left and even few time is left to register that. But wait. Clear your browser cache and open their website again. Voila! Those spots are back and even that timer got reset now. In other words, it is just again a technique to force people to join their system.

Final Conclusion: Cambridge Method is a Scam for sure!!

In this Cambridge Method review, we have listed enough proofs and reasons to prove that this system does not look authentic and legit at all. So you can just avoid this system as we haven’t got even single reason that why we should join their system. So, in end all we can say is all the points which we had listed above clearly shows that it is a scam.

So what do you think about Cambridge Method software? Is it a scam? Share your opinion with us.

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